Do You Have Plan for Spring Break?

Early birds get worms.

Even though we have no intent to have a worm for breakfast, we still need to learn that spirit and be prepared in head of time. Practically, it is just the perfect time to prepare for your Spring Break.

When to leave?

Based on the School Calendar, The Spring Break in KSU will be at March 19-25, and don’t forget add the following weekend, that makes you totally have a 9 days vocation. Sounds great? But be aware of your midterm before that.

Different Universities have different agendas for Spring Break. However, normally the Spring Break will be set in the middle or at the end of March.



Where to go?


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Depending on the different budgets and different hobbies, you can have several options for your Spring Break. Spring Break for Most American students means serious party time. However, for us international students, it means a great travel time.

对于美国学生来说,春假就是Party日。各种严重Party. 他们会到海滩边的Club然后没日没夜的喝酒狂欢。但是对于我们留学生来说,一来喝酒没什么兴趣,二来大家更倾向于旅游,所以抓紧时间看看这个国家才是正理。

1. Florida

Now it is the very time for you to get rid of endless snow and brace sunshine, sea and bikini for a little while. I know it cannot stop the storm you have to face recently, but just keep some sunshine in your dream could sweet your winter. Thinking about what Florida can provide you, sunshine, beach, Disney, Universal Studio, Shopping center, last but not least, seafood. Other similar options are South Padre Island and Myrtle Beach.

佛州永远是个很不错的选择,阳光沙滩比基尼,想想就很暖洋洋。虽然改变不了我们肯特还是一直在下雪的现状,但是心里想着佛州的迪士尼,环球影城,购物中心和海鲜,也就觉得爽歪歪了。其他类似的选择有德州的South Padre Island 和南卡的Myrtle Beach. 都是著名的度假胜地。

2. California

Sunshine California for Spring Break is a classic option. You’ve just got same reason for Florida, but it could be a little bit cold now. However, for California, there are only two seasons, rainy and dry seasons. Sadly, the rainy season will last until Apr. It is quite possible that you might encounter some cloudy time. But, if you just love this state, you will still have a lot of options to travel for except beach. Those great Places like Universal City, Disneyland, Hollywood, and Central Valley are also attracting enough for you.


3.  Las Vegas

Las Vegas, which bills itself as The Entertainment Capital of the world, is famous for the number of casino resorts and associated entertainment, including shopping and fine dining. The major attractions in Las Vegas are the casinos and the hotels. Many of these hotels are massive, providing thousands of rooms, with their large adjoining casino areas. The famous Bonanza Gift Shop has over 40,000 square feet for shopping space and billed as the “World’s Largest Gift Shop”. Besides, don’t forget to try their buffets. Normally, the price of the hotel is relatively cheaper than other states.


Book your flight ahead, book your hotel ahead, and book your resort ahead. All in all, plan your trip ahead so that you can get best price and location for your vocation. Normally, two or three months ahead will be a good timing.


Here are several trip planning websites:


Where to find your flight and hotel?


Kayak doesn’t sell ticket, but will help you compare all airline website prices. Although we have similar ones like Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia, but after comparing, Kayak always covers the largest amount of information and provides the cheapest ticket.

Kayak. 公认的好用,这不是一个售票网站,而是一个比较网站,和国内的去哪儿有点像。相对其Priceline,Orbitz, Travelocity 和 Expedia, 这家信息比较全,比较容易找到更加优惠的价格。


You don’t have to check other website for your ticket with Kayak, but this one is different. This website is for students. You need an email of .edu and, at the same time, to be under 35 years old. For most time it won’t be cheaper than Kayak, but sometimes, Student Universe will provide a great deal for student, and provide Spring Break deals recently for your trip. I find out the Las Vegas one is pretty attractive.

有了Kayak,还是需要Studentuniverse, 这个网站是针对学生的,所以需要edu邮箱的注册,年龄也不能超过35岁。大部分情况下这里的价格没有Kayak便宜,但是预定它的Newsletter吧~经常你能遇到喷血的价格,所以订机票之前这个也要check一下~

3. Travelzoo

This is a website could recommend travel deals ahead months. Be aware of that, this is for you to plan ahead, or you can check this one:


4. Lastminute

This is for emergency. Even though during the last minutes, remember you still have options. You can go check Lastminutes for travel deals, but remember this cannot be compared with your earlier plan.


5. Hotwire

From my personal experience, Hotwire always has great price….However, be careful with their special Hotwire price, it is a final deal, which means you cannot change or refund it.

这家总是有相当实惠的价格,不管是租车还是订机票,一定要check一下~但是小心他家Hotwire Price,和大多数美国订票网站不同,这个价格是不退不换不改期的。

How to rent a Car?

1. Go to website to check car information, a lot website could provide you car rental information. If you type “Car renting” in Google, you can get about 4,520,000 results in 0.51 seconds. You have plenty choices there. Besides, most travel websites will provide the comparison too. Like Hotwire, Priceline,Kayak, and Travelzoo, these websites can help with comparing different price of different car rental businesses. From my personal experience, Hotwire always have a lower price.

去租车网站查车辆价格和信息,在Google上键入Car renting会在0.51秒内出现4,520,000个结果,大多数的旅行网站也提供租车服务比较常用的订车比较网站有Hotwire, Priceline,Kayak, 和 Travelzoo. 多查几个附近的点儿,比如Youngstown,比如Akron,别光盯着Cleveland~小地方经常会有很优惠的价格~

2. Book it online. Select your time to pick the car, and the time to return it, make the time precise. If you are late for the exact time, you might have to pay for the extra money. However, the precious time will be settled down when you pick the car. Another thing you need to understand is that the renting center will charge you extra money if you are under 25 years old, which is normally about $25 per day.





The renting center is always close to the airport, and has the shuttle drive you there directly.


4. Get the renting center, find your agency and sign the renting agreement. The key chain they give you has the year and color information, if you care about this part. (I DO!) You can change the color if you want.



5. Go to the parking lot, find your car, sign and start your adventure.


6. Normally, the gas is fulfilled. You need to return the car with gas fulfilled too.Don’t go to the gas station near the airport, that is always the most expensive place,  Be aware with these details.


7. Last but not least, you might want to upgrade your insurance to cover everything for you before you rent the car. Insurance is the only thing that you bought but never want to use. However, you still need it to keep yourself away from possible loss.





3 thoughts on “Do You Have Plan for Spring Break?

  1. WOW!! It’s amazing!! You ROOOOOCKKKK<3<3<3
    It's really of great help. Wish I could have a chance to take a spring break in US XDDD
    California might be my first choice*California girls, we’re unforgettable.Daisy Dukes,bikinis on top*hahaha:-D

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