When Mr. Cold Brings Mr. Cold! (Fourth Post) 后冬天时代,谨防感冒

Help me to relieve my throat pain....

This one makes me sleepy all the time....



Finally have to being sick once for this winter and have a Flu test to eliminate my concern. (It’s a terrible test… >_<)

Glad I don’t have flu….


Contributing to the spring illusion in last week, I naively thought spring is coming. After expecting it for such a long winter, I probably was too exciting, and turns out with sore throat in the very next day.

Eura很激动,Color你一定要听我的,赶紧去做个Flu Test, 我当年就是耽误了48小时治疗期,然后才一拖很久…………

Eura is more exciting than me, “Color, you have to listen to me, go to have a flu test now” she said, “I was in your position and wasted my time for best treatment within 48 hours, and make it a serious one later.”

Okay. Let’s go.

University of Health Service at Kent State University is located in the DeWeese building on Eastway Drive.
24 hours nurse line. 330-672-2326
Making an appointment to see doctor: (330) 672-2322


A little English and Chinese Corner

  • symptoms               症状
  • Headache,drowsy, dizzy,fatigue,         头疼,瞌睡,头晕,疲乏
  • nausea, vomit        反胃,呕吐
  • fever and chills. low-grade fever    发烧,发冷, 低烧
  • phlegm, sputum, cough,sore throat , scratchy throat    痰,咳嗽,嗓子疼
  • aching muscles  肌肉酸疼
  • a stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing  鼻塞,流鼻涕,大喷嚏
  • Loss of voice  失声
  • Watering eye  流泪


The difference between common cold and flu

Cold symptoms start slowly. Flu symptoms are more sudden and include higher fever, major aches, chills, sweats, weakness, possible severe sore throat, cough, and chest discomfort.


—-Information from Health Center Care Provider


The most effective way to distinguish whether you have cold or flu is to have a flu test in Health Center, cost 25 bucks.


Preventive Measures

  • 前2-4天,尽量避免和他人接触以防止病毒传播。
  • To prevent spreading a cold to others, avoid contact during the contagious phase(first 2-4 days)
  • 勤洗手,尤其是擦过鼻鼻或者吃东西之前
  • Wash hands often, especially after blowing your nose or before  handing food.
  • 避免到拥挤处,尤其是冬天
  • Avoid crowded places when possible, especially during the winter
  • 营养均衡,健康饮食,多补充维生素C. 偶现在就天天喝柠檬水
  • Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Enough Vitamin C supplement. Have Lemon water!


Diagnosis & Treatment


Self -care and time is usually all that is needed for a cold. There is no cure for cold.


Other suggestions that could help with recovering includes: Nonprescription cold preparations, getting extra rest, drinking plenty of fluids…


Medication Suggestions

  • 抗生素是没用的,如果你一周过后没有缓解反而症状加重的话,可以开始使用抗生素,但是之前,尽量用你自身的抵抗力来对抗感冒
  • Don’t use antibiotics for normal cold. It is useless. Antibiotics could be used only after you did not feel any better after one week. Before that, let your own body’s defenses fight off the germs.
  • 为了减轻感冒症状,可以使用一些非处方缓解症状的药物,譬如acetaminophen, decongestants, nose drops or sprays, cough remedies, and throat lozenges.
  • 最好使用那些对某一症状有作用的药物,譬如runny nose, 而不要使用针对多种症状的药物
  • If use drugs, use product works for one symptom, such as a runny nose, rather than a multi-symptom product.


OTC Cough and Cold

Source: Coming from My Doctor…




8 thoughts on “When Mr. Cold Brings Mr. Cold! (Fourth Post) 后冬天时代,谨防感冒

  1. Alex Peters says:

    Hope you become well soon first. And as well, I think when I am ill next time, I can communicate with my doctor without any difficulty through the tips given in this article.

    • I am so glad to make this a helpful one. Thank you very much for your comments. But hope you can avoid to use these tips! The best tip is stay away from illness~

  2. I’m not sure what the flu test consists of, but the strep throat test is the WORST!! The nurse swabbed the back of my throat and made me gag really bad. It was embarrassing. I hope you feel better!

    • It sounds a crazy one!!!!
      I do feel so much better right now~Thank you for asking. Although I hate the Flu test, I am so glad I did not get H1N1….~\(≧▽≦)/~

  3. Your post has a lot of helpful information, but I think my favorite part is getting to see the English with the Chinese. It was really interesting to see headache, symptom and the other words right next to their Chinese counterparts.

    • HaHa ~~Thanks Ellen, My friend says so too, just from the opposite language base…^_^
      I feel like it is getting more and more interesting now. This one is something I start to add attitude and personality into my post. From my perspective, I do feel like people prefer the story more than info introduction thing on blog, since it looks more….uh…I don’t know.. something real?

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