About this girl.

This is a journey.

I set this not because of it is a requirement from my Online PR class. (Too obvious?)

I set this because I really want to have a blog like this. One can provide you useful information and make you life so much easier here.

Yes, I want to be that guy. That guy who can give you a helpful hand, just like all these helpful hand I ever get before.

This is Color.

I come from China, just like most of you.

This is my first year here in Kent, and my second semester.

My major is Public Relations, partly because I really like writing, (mostly in Chinese) partly because I really like deal with different people and partly merely because it SOUNDS COOL to me.

I was as confused as you.

New environment, new life, and new school.

But now, I got my first part time job, I got my first car named Herbie. (an Awesome Beetle.) I transferred from Media MGMT to PR last year. I got a bunch of friends. Congrats me. I survive here.

I wish you can be less confused than I was early.

That’s the reason why I start this at the very beginning.

I am going to write several tips about living, entertaining, and studying in Kent.

Besides, several PR-related stories.

This is my journey for this year.

Happy Spring Festival, and I wish you all well.


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