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How to sell yourself in your resume? (sixth post) 如何在你的简历中推销自己?



March is always the busy season of internship application for summer and fall. HR managers receive snowflakes-like resumes from all over the country. How would you like yours stand out from others? Today, Color is going to share some tips of resume from PR perspective.


Why we need internship? A person who would like a blank paper as resume could skip the following part, you don’t have to waste time on this. Other fellows, the experience of studying abroad elaborates to us that one of the huge differences between educational theory of China and US is the latter focuses more on a person’s actual ability. Hence, you would better show yourself from your various working experience. Besides that, internship is a good chance for you to review yourself. Different experiences in different workplace review your adaptive situation therefore find out what kind of environment fit you best.


The best promotion in the marketing world is self-promotion. Coming from a country like China, we always treat modest as one of the best qualities that people can have. Nevertheless, competitive American culture requires you to be more confidence to show yourself. So, how can we systemize our resumes, package us as ideal products and deliver ourselves to HR managers?

  1. 列出你的背景,教育,实习,研究,活动,工作。然后看看哪些是你的雇主所希望看到的。
  2. 头脑风暴找出自己的长处和技能。不但要让潜在雇主看到你能做什么,而且要看到你做的有多好,为什么这个很重要,你能给公司带来怎样的成绩。
  3. 说出来和卖出去。你不但想要雇主看到你在说“快看我”,更要让他们看到“看看我能为你做什么!”
  4. 运用一些具体的细节来突出你的能力
  5. 不要只说你的经历,也表现你的其他特点,比如你重要的品质,你的责任心,公司不是单单在招一个工作机器,而是在招一个co-worker.
  6. 不要一直强调第一人称,大家都知道这是你的简历。
  • list your background. your education, internship, research experience, campus activity and work. check which of them will be seen as benefit from employer.
  • Brain Storm your advantage and skills, not just let your potential employer see what you can do, but also how well you have done, why it matters, and what kind of achievement you can bring for the company.
  • Telling it and Selling it. You are not just want to say “Look at me”, but also want to let them see “what I can do for you”
  • Using some specific details to show your ability. Some numbers, outcomes and achievement will impress your HR manager and make your resume looks reliable.
  • Don’t just list facts of your life, show other characters of yourself, like your personality, your important quality and your responsibility. Remember, company is not just looking for a working machine, they are looking for a co-worker here.
  • Don’t always emphasized that the first person, everyone knows that this is your resume.


What kind of FORMAT will be helpful for you resume?





According to the classification of dummies. Com, in resume writing, there are a total of the following formats:

  • Reverse chronological: Lists all employment and education, beginning with the most recent and working backward.
  • Functional (skills-based): Shows what you can do instead of relaying what you’ve done and where you did it.
  • Hybrid (combination): A combination of both the reverse chronological and functional resume formats.


    Read more:

    A link that might be helpful here.

    Three Things You Need to Know About Groundswell (Fifth Post)三件关于网络营销不得不说的事儿





    譬如学生会对于活动的推广,Kent CSSA的论坛,公共主页,QQ群,都可以被视作网络营销。

    Recently has a casual chat with a friend. While we talking about the online marketing, he was thinking about online spam.

    While I talking about PR major, all he can think about is high heels and long legs.

    I showed my disappointing and decide to write something for my major and online marketing.

    Online marketing is nothing but a marketing way, a more effective one than ad. We are potentially be a part of online marketing or groundswell in our daily online activities.

    For example, how CSSA promote their activity, how they run public page and manage QQ chatting group, these online activities are all considered as groundswell strategies.

    QQ group talking page

    1. 网络营销阵地

    Groundswell technologies


    Internet is place gathering public opinions. It is well-known that in which place people share ideas and opinions. Here, I will simply introduce the groundswell technologies. Introduced by the authors of Groundswell, “Groundswell technologies” includes such as blogs, wikis, bookmarking and tagging sites, social networks, forums, ratings, reviews, RSS feeds, and widgets.

    2. 用户分类

    Social Technographic Profile

    Charlene Li和Josh Bernoff 将网络用户的分类法则介绍给我们,通过甄别你的目标市场里不同的用户特性,以此来帮助任何组织选择正确的营销团体和方式。

    用户分类包括Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives, 以及近年出现的conversationlists.

    • Creators致力于创造新的在线内容,他们经常性地使用博客,维护一个独立网站,或者上传音频视频。
    • Critics 对他人的在线内容进行回应,譬如回帖,使用评分系统,或者编辑维基词条。
    • Collectors 使用收藏夹和书签,在线订阅收集和整合信息,从侧面讲,是对Creators和Critics的肯定。
    • Joiners 使用社交网站维持一个基本的存在状态。
    • Spectators 是只读不写的在线受众,就是我们常说的潜水。潜水者是一个巨大的人群,在米国的在线受众中占据了将近二分之一的比重。
    • Inactives 不被网络营销所影响的人群
    • Conversationlists 在线进行信息交流的用户,譬如QQ群。


    Kent CSSA renren page

    Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff introduce an interesting data tool called the “Social Technographic Profile”. By showing how you can use this metric to understand what percentage of online audience in your market, it will be hopefully helpful for organization to choose the right group and right method to conduct groundswell.

    The social technograohic profile includes Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives, and of course the newly added, conversationlists.

    • Creators dedicate on producing new online content, they post new articles on blog, maintain an independent website, or upload video and podcast.
    • Critics react to others online content, like post a comments, use the grading and reviewing system, or editing wiki.
    • Collectors use bookmarking and RSS feeder to collect and integrate information. To some point, they complete the works of creators and critics.
    • Joiners use social network website and maintain basic profiles.
    • Spectators, all they do is merely reading. They do not react or create to the online content. The specific number of percentage of spectators among US online audience is 48%, almost half audience remains a spectators statue.
    • Inactives, they are non-participating for online conversations.
    • Conversationlists, people share idea and information with online chatting. Like QQ group.

    The real value for the organization to use this classification is to help you locating your audience’s characters in your target market, find out what they are using now, and therefore will help make decision on what kind of online promoting tools to conduct groundswell and public opinions monitoring. Besides, how to active inactives and spectators is another topic we could go deeper.

    3. 确定网络营销的目标

    Establish your objective of groundswell









    Online marketing needs walk your talk, you need to establish your goal first to help you achieve it.

    There are 5 goals mentioned by the book Groundswell.

    1. Listening: First you need to know where is your targeted audience group, what kind of tools and websites they are using, what’s they opinion. By integrating public opinion, understand what they need and focus for now, and find wealthy ideas that can help you improve your products and enhance your services.
    2. Talking: By using the groundswell technologies, we could have the chance to join the conversation. The direct communication with audience will have direct impact on organization’s image.
    3. Energizing: If you already build a loyal audience base, then find a way to enable and encourage your audience to express online. Comparing with ad, people tend to accept suggestions from friends. Word of mouth recommendations and advice from your audiences can go a lot further than anything you do on your own.
    4. Supporting: Adhesiveness is building audience group. People naturally have the tendency to gather together when they have something in common. What we need to do it to maintain and improve this group.
    5. Embracing: When one day, your audience is helping you with products, you are achieving the final goal of groundswell. It is not like you need reorganization from your audience, but what you did is to meet the demand from your audience. This is probably the hardest goal among total five. Find ways to use the groundswell to involve your customers in your decision-making processes, and implement their best ideas as quickly as you can.

    One thing needs to pay attention is comparing to going forward one by one, the above five goals are more likely parallel. The achievement your online strategy accomplished for now does not necessarily mean your accomplishment to one or two goals.

    More Information could be found on the author’s blog.

    When Mr. Cold Brings Mr. Cold! (Fourth Post) 后冬天时代,谨防感冒

    Help me to relieve my throat pain....

    This one makes me sleepy all the time....



    Finally have to being sick once for this winter and have a Flu test to eliminate my concern. (It’s a terrible test… >_<)

    Glad I don’t have flu….


    Contributing to the spring illusion in last week, I naively thought spring is coming. After expecting it for such a long winter, I probably was too exciting, and turns out with sore throat in the very next day.

    Eura很激动,Color你一定要听我的,赶紧去做个Flu Test, 我当年就是耽误了48小时治疗期,然后才一拖很久…………

    Eura is more exciting than me, “Color, you have to listen to me, go to have a flu test now” she said, “I was in your position and wasted my time for best treatment within 48 hours, and make it a serious one later.”

    Okay. Let’s go.

    University of Health Service at Kent State University is located in the DeWeese building on Eastway Drive.
    24 hours nurse line. 330-672-2326
    Making an appointment to see doctor: (330) 672-2322


    A little English and Chinese Corner

    • symptoms               症状
    • Headache,drowsy, dizzy,fatigue,         头疼,瞌睡,头晕,疲乏
    • nausea, vomit        反胃,呕吐
    • fever and chills. low-grade fever    发烧,发冷, 低烧
    • phlegm, sputum, cough,sore throat , scratchy throat    痰,咳嗽,嗓子疼
    • aching muscles  肌肉酸疼
    • a stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing  鼻塞,流鼻涕,大喷嚏
    • Loss of voice  失声
    • Watering eye  流泪


    The difference between common cold and flu

    Cold symptoms start slowly. Flu symptoms are more sudden and include higher fever, major aches, chills, sweats, weakness, possible severe sore throat, cough, and chest discomfort.


    —-Information from Health Center Care Provider


    The most effective way to distinguish whether you have cold or flu is to have a flu test in Health Center, cost 25 bucks.


    Preventive Measures

    • 前2-4天,尽量避免和他人接触以防止病毒传播。
    • To prevent spreading a cold to others, avoid contact during the contagious phase(first 2-4 days)
    • 勤洗手,尤其是擦过鼻鼻或者吃东西之前
    • Wash hands often, especially after blowing your nose or before  handing food.
    • 避免到拥挤处,尤其是冬天
    • Avoid crowded places when possible, especially during the winter
    • 营养均衡,健康饮食,多补充维生素C. 偶现在就天天喝柠檬水
    • Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Enough Vitamin C supplement. Have Lemon water!


    Diagnosis & Treatment


    Self -care and time is usually all that is needed for a cold. There is no cure for cold.


    Other suggestions that could help with recovering includes: Nonprescription cold preparations, getting extra rest, drinking plenty of fluids…


    Medication Suggestions

    • 抗生素是没用的,如果你一周过后没有缓解反而症状加重的话,可以开始使用抗生素,但是之前,尽量用你自身的抵抗力来对抗感冒
    • Don’t use antibiotics for normal cold. It is useless. Antibiotics could be used only after you did not feel any better after one week. Before that, let your own body’s defenses fight off the germs.
    • 为了减轻感冒症状,可以使用一些非处方缓解症状的药物,譬如acetaminophen, decongestants, nose drops or sprays, cough remedies, and throat lozenges.
    • 最好使用那些对某一症状有作用的药物,譬如runny nose, 而不要使用针对多种症状的药物
    • If use drugs, use product works for one symptom, such as a runny nose, rather than a multi-symptom product.


    OTC Cough and Cold

    Source: Coming from My Doctor…



    Managing your relationship- Third Post



    元宵(sweet dumplings)- traditional food in Lantern's Festival


    Happy Valentine’s Day, nerds!

    Besides, happy Chinese Lantern Festival!



    I have seen a lot different kinds of people here and a lot different attitudes of living abroad. This is not a complicated environment but fulfill with complicated relationship. Horoscope book says that Capricornus this year is playing a consultant role, and I do feel that way sometimes. 

    From XinhuaNET

    Lantern Exhibition

    Living in a total new environment, while there you have to replace your whole relationships including love, friendship and kinship, but the only thing you do not want to replace is your attitude towards them.

    爱情 Love





    Long distance relationship, I never see so much long distance relationship in my life. Sometimes you win, but most time you lose. Life is a show, but cannot perform your heart. I am a loser of long distance, but I do admire those ones who still hanging there, at least hanging for now.

    Time is a murder for killing a relationship, so is distance. While the topics for sharing are getting less and less, while future is getting blurrier and blurrier, how can you find a way to maintain your feeling for each other? Most time, we just treat it too serious, so we hesitate too much and too long, and convince ourselves to give up this hopeless feeling.

    I question myself, and maybe get an answer by chatting with a friend. He is saying based on his own experience, “We are always thinking about how many difficulties we are going to encounter, how long we have to hanging there, and scare ourselves away even before we actually face them. But if I want to be with this person, I would like to think about how to conquer tribulation and be together.” Another girl who lasting for a long time LDR said that, the quarrel is unavoidable, but no matter how mad they were during the quarrel, they made a rule to tell each other “I love you” before farewell.

    Our love, it connected by these tiny heartfelt expressions and indicates a shinning future. So, do not hesitate for your expression of love to those person you truly love.

    Facebook Self-expression ad campaign, tell them how you feel, and you won’t regret it.

    友情 Friendship


    Love is to water as friendship is to mountain. While living abroad, they are the bunch of people always be there for you whether they are in Kent or far away from ocean. No matter what, they are support and back you up for your every difficult time. You are reflecting the shape of dream from each other, and cherishing the happy moment with each other. Do not stay at your room like forever. Leaving your dorm and making friends. Opening your door is the only way to let others enter your world.

    Sheldon, the friendship algorithm. Big Bang Theory

    亲情 Family

    他们是最牵挂你的人,千山万水走遍,只有你的家人永远守着一方水土,等着你归来的佳期。这是一个touching topic,是心底最柔软的地方,更是所有海外学子躲不开的硬伤。



    They are ones who care you most. No matter how far you go, parents are the only person who will stay in that forever point and waiting for you. This is the softest place in your heart and a wound you can never get rid of.

    Since being here, you have the first Mid-autumn Festival without them, and the coming Spring Festival and Lantern’s Festival. You also have the first birthday without them, and firstly experience the loneliness while you suddenly awake in the midnight. All we can do is thanking for the courage bestowed by life that making us the pride of families.

    Thanks for the technology, we can talk and look them without being there. Talk to them, because they are experiencing the same miss just like you. Sometimes, distance can close our relationship.


    “This advertisement by Tencent was broadcasted during the  Spring Festival Gala, which is one of the most expensive air times on Chinese television. The familiar story is something a lot of Chinese families go through and has moved thousands of overseas Chinese students to tears.” — TNW Asia

    Wanna get a car now? (中英文版)



    As we all know, America is a country on the wheels, and without a vehicle, life here can be rough. Without having a car, how can you broaden and enrich your life via such activities as going out for internship or work?

    When the spring is around the corner, it is the best time to purchase a car. Considering that lack of money and uncertainty of future are the two crucial problems for international students, the initial choice is to purchase used cars, which is going to be the main topic of this article.




    When to buy?



    In my opinion, it is the best time to buy a car right now instead of the conventional idea of buying a car after spring. I have three reasons for this opinion:

    First, your car has to face the long winter in Ohio. Hence, it is important to make sure your car has good condition during the snowy day. So, while you purchasing a car, why not test the performance in snowy day?

    Second, as I have observed, the price of most cars decreases except SUVs and trucks during winter.

    Third, as an old saying that time is treasure, waiting a long-lasting freezing winter does not deserve. At present, semester having begun, winter being ending, and the price having not increased yet, buying a car right now can keep you away from the rush hour of purchasing a car.





    How & where to buy?


    How to buy a car depends on lots of factors, and the very first thing you need to do is to choose the brand and age of car according to your budget. This kind of information is all over the professional websites like KBB, which is informative for buying a used car. This kind of websites has two functions: 1) estimate the price of the used cars; 2) find out the dealer near to your location.

    There also some other websites of this kind such as,,





    Without considering about having no information page of Kent, Craigslist is another good alternation. However, you still can find information under the Akron/Canton and Youngstown from both dealers and individual owners.

    BE CAUTIOUS with Fraud on Craigslist!

    The advantage of dealing with owner is that you don’t have to pay the extra money for foxy dealer, but if you are not the expert, probably you need to bring one as your accompany when you go to test the car. Otherwise, go to dealer.


    If you find the car you want, you should begin to focus on the paperwork, especially the Carfax. Carfax is a kind of file of car including all kinds of records such as transaction and accidents information. Usually, dealer will provide Carfax files, which sometimes do not show the whole information, though. If you buy a car directly from an owner, you need to order a Carfax by yourself. Just make sure the information such as accident, insurance and the number of transitions.



    Carfax is not free, and each will cost $34.99. But if you buy five once, it will just takes you $45.99 totally. You can keep the Carfax account for several months. I have some if you need, leave me a message.




    Other information might be helpful

    The one has the information of how to test the car’s performance

    The one has a lot strategy of purchasing a car

    Statistical analysis of each index of car