KENT Nearby Restaurants Collections (Eighth Post)

肯特是个小镇,如果你已经厌倦了一成不变的麦当劳,Wendy’s 和汉堡王,那么今天我们就来看一下肯特周围的美食吧。本文推荐的包括亚洲美食,以及一些当地的特色餐厅,体验一下美式风味。

Kent is a small town, if you are tired of the unchangeable McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King, let me show you some good restaurants around Kent area. You can select all kinds of Asian food, including Chinese food, Japanese food and Thai food, or you can choose some famous local restaurants, and experience well-cooked American flavors dishes.

第一部分:亚洲美食 (排名按从肯特到达的距离)

First Sections: Asian Food (Ranking based on distance from KSU)

1. 闽城和长荣 Mingcheng and Evergreen


These are the two most popular local Chinese restaurants. One is for buffet and the other for dishes. Everyone knows, so I quit talking about them.

2.Pad Thai

位置在Hudson,需要20分钟的路程到达。Pad Thai 提供泰式食物和寿司,Pad Thai是泰国面条,实际就是米粉。这儿的米粉十分好吃啊,寿司也很经济美味。记得要尝试一下火山卷,酱汁很好。除此之外,这儿的羊肉做的也不错~还有鸭肉。


Located in Hudson, it requires a 20 minutes trip. Pad Thai is good because it has both great Thai food and great sushi. The Pad Thai noodle provided there is the best I had around Kent, and the sushi is economic and delicious. Remember to try the volcano roll. It has great sauce and great flavor. It also cooks mutton and duck here.

Environment is good, but the service is just Okay.

3.Cilantro Thai & Sushi Restaurant

Phi Thai

Phi Thai from Cilantro Thai & Sushi Restaurant

这家和Pad Thai小相似,也提供泰式和寿司。位置在Akron University附近,开车25分钟。Cilantro环境不错,装修不错,服务不错,食物也不错,在炒饭中,我居然吃出了八角的味道。推荐他家特别的甜点,Mango Sticky Rice。这边的辣椒很厉害,按等级分0-5,可以尝试一下。

Thai food and sushi are provided there. 25 minutes to get this restaurant, and it is just close to Akron University. This is a nice place, great decoration, great service, and great drinks. Food is nice. The recommendation is their special dessert, Mango Sticky Rice. Try spicy if you can, and spicy is grated from 1 to 5.


Mango Sticky Rice at Cilantro Thai & Sushi Restaurant

Mango Sticky Rice at Cilantro Thai & Sushi Restaurant

3.京园 Beijing Garden

京园,位置在Twinsburg, 不到30分钟车程。老板来自北京,这里提供的中式食物比较正宗,汤不错,担担面不错,炒菜也不错。


Beijing Garden is a Chinese food restaurant located in Twinsburg. It needs around 30 minutes road trip to get there. The owner is from Peking. This is a place able to provide you the traditional Chinese flavor food such as, generally, great soup, noodles and fried dishes.

Environment is Okay, and service is at an Okay level, too.

4. Yellow Tail

位置在Akron, 30分钟能到。


Located in Akron, 30 minutes to get there.

I have liked it for a while. It is good because it has a decent food collection. You can get Chinese and Japanese sushi, and, at the same time, you can get salad, dessert and other kind of western foods too. Print Coupon on their website before you go.

5. Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse



35 minutes to get there. Akron.

It provides merely Japanese BBQ. People go there is not for the food. For me, the food is just okay. People go there to see the BBQ show.

6. 樱花寿司 Sakura



40 minutes to get there. Akron.

Best Sushi place, kind of expensive. But you can get awesome sushi there.


Second Sections: American Local Restaurant.

1. Mike’s place

估计木有人木有去过吧。老板是Mike,菜量很大,有女生去了光吃sides就可以吃饱了。位置在281和South Water Street的交叉口上。那儿的Rib不错~三明治也不错。特别推荐大个圣代。装修很特别哦。

Of course Mike is the owner of this place. It is located on the cross of 281 and south water street. The recommendation is they provide great rib. Sandwich is good. Sundae is awesome. Decoration is so special.

2. Rusty Nail

Appetizer---Shrimp at Nasty Nail

Appetizer---Shrimp at Rusty Nail



Great cooked fish and steak. It has fireplace and bar. Every Friday is Karaoke night.

3. Brickhouse Tavern & Tap


Two words for this one: HOT WAITRESS.

4. Wild goat


It provides breakfast and lunch. I like their omelets a lot.