How to sell yourself in your resume? (sixth post) 如何在你的简历中推销自己?



March is always the busy season of internship application for summer and fall. HR managers receive snowflakes-like resumes from all over the country. How would you like yours stand out from others? Today, Color is going to share some tips of resume from PR perspective.


Why we need internship? A person who would like a blank paper as resume could skip the following part, you don’t have to waste time on this. Other fellows, the experience of studying abroad elaborates to us that one of the huge differences between educational theory of China and US is the latter focuses more on a person’s actual ability. Hence, you would better show yourself from your various working experience. Besides that, internship is a good chance for you to review yourself. Different experiences in different workplace review your adaptive situation therefore find out what kind of environment fit you best.


The best promotion in the marketing world is self-promotion. Coming from a country like China, we always treat modest as one of the best qualities that people can have. Nevertheless, competitive American culture requires you to be more confidence to show yourself. So, how can we systemize our resumes, package us as ideal products and deliver ourselves to HR managers?

  1. 列出你的背景,教育,实习,研究,活动,工作。然后看看哪些是你的雇主所希望看到的。
  2. 头脑风暴找出自己的长处和技能。不但要让潜在雇主看到你能做什么,而且要看到你做的有多好,为什么这个很重要,你能给公司带来怎样的成绩。
  3. 说出来和卖出去。你不但想要雇主看到你在说“快看我”,更要让他们看到“看看我能为你做什么!”
  4. 运用一些具体的细节来突出你的能力
  5. 不要只说你的经历,也表现你的其他特点,比如你重要的品质,你的责任心,公司不是单单在招一个工作机器,而是在招一个co-worker.
  6. 不要一直强调第一人称,大家都知道这是你的简历。
  • list your background. your education, internship, research experience, campus activity and work. check which of them will be seen as benefit from employer.
  • Brain Storm your advantage and skills, not just let your potential employer see what you can do, but also how well you have done, why it matters, and what kind of achievement you can bring for the company.
  • Telling it and Selling it. You are not just want to say “Look at me”, but also want to let them see “what I can do for you”
  • Using some specific details to show your ability. Some numbers, outcomes and achievement will impress your HR manager and make your resume looks reliable.
  • Don’t just list facts of your life, show other characters of yourself, like your personality, your important quality and your responsibility. Remember, company is not just looking for a working machine, they are looking for a co-worker here.
  • Don’t always emphasized that the first person, everyone knows that this is your resume.


What kind of FORMAT will be helpful for you resume?





According to the classification of dummies. Com, in resume writing, there are a total of the following formats:

  • Reverse chronological: Lists all employment and education, beginning with the most recent and working backward.
  • Functional (skills-based): Shows what you can do instead of relaying what you’ve done and where you did it.
  • Hybrid (combination): A combination of both the reverse chronological and functional resume formats.


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