Driving Safely – Five Safety Tips Most Forgotten (seventh post)

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I cannot believe that snow comes to Kent again in April. With his back towards the window, my professor complained that he refused to look outside for he was not willing to accept the truth that the snow came back. Snow makes driving harder and accidents happen more easily. Considering the accidents my friends and I suffered from recently, and how dangerous machine a vehicle could become, I think intently that it is time to give some driving safety tips to friends who drive.

1. 注意新的交通规则。美国和中国有许多不一样的交通规则,比如Stop sign。中国没有stop sign, 我前几日刚听了一个朋友开车不经过stop sign而罚了$140。Stop sign设在路口是出于安全考虑,取代了信号灯的作用。

1. Pay attention to new traffic rules. There exist so many differences between Chinese and American traffic

regulations. For instance, we can see stop signs everywhere here while cannot see any in China. I just heard about that one of my friends from China got a $140 fine for no stopping before a stop sign. A stop sign is set up for the safety of an

Stop Sign

intersection. Be sure you will stop and check the coming cars before you pass the intersection.

2. 当你驾驶的时候,把地图和GPS放在随手处。如果你迷路了,停在路边重新确定方向。在驾驶过程中找路很容易出事故。同理,手机也容易使人分心,应该尽量避免在开车时使用。有时候GPS的路线标注不清,如果你走错了,就错着走下去,不要试图在高速公路上忽然改变你的路线,一不留神会造成很大麻烦。

2. When you are traveling, be sure to keep your maps and GPS ready and easy to grab. If you are lost, pull over to the side of the road before read a map or use the GPS to get a better direction.  It is very easy to cause an accident when you are driving while checking direction. As well, cell phone, as another distracting objective, should avoid from being used while driving. Sometimes GPS could be tricky. If you are going to a wrong way on freeway, do not try to make any sudden turn during driving at a high speed.

3. 和其他车至少保持一个车的车距。保持距离永远是好事儿,当前面的车要急刹车的时候,留给你时间去反应。当有车试图超车的时候,不要想着跟人家比速度。

3. Leave at least a car’s length of space between your car and the other cars. It is always good to keep a safe

Stay away from that car! From Sparklette.net

distance. When the car in front of you has an emergency brake, you need time to react. When there is a car try to surpass you, let them go, and Do Not try to race with other cars.

4. 解冻你的窗户,从陷车中解救自己。这是雪地最重要也最容易被忽视的注意事项。在开车之前打开解冻器和空调来消除车窗上的冻霜和车内的雾气。这些步骤能保证你在雪地里有着清晰的视线。此外,当你陷到泥淖或者雪堆里的时候,用雪橇把自己铲出来。盲目地旋转轮胎只会让你越陷越深。在轮胎下放橡胶制品可以加大摩擦力,更容易把车开出来。

4. Defrost Your Windows/Rescue your car from stuck. This is the most important tip for a snowy day and also the most easily to be forgotten. Make sure to turn on defroster and fan to help you defrost your windshield and warm up the interior of your car before you leave for drive way. These processes will keep your view clear during driving. When you are stuck in mud or snow, dig yourself out with a snow shovel. Spinning wheels can do nothing but make it worse. Placing some rubber material underneath will help drive out with ease.

5. 定期检查车辆。检查玻璃水,刹车,轮胎,当你的雨刷磨损之后要及时更换。

5. Take your car  for regular check. Check the wiper fluid, brakes, and tires, and be sure to replace wiper blades when they become worn-out.




Three Things You Need to Know About Groundswell (Fifth Post)三件关于网络营销不得不说的事儿





譬如学生会对于活动的推广,Kent CSSA的论坛,公共主页,QQ群,都可以被视作网络营销。

Recently has a casual chat with a friend. While we talking about the online marketing, he was thinking about online spam.

While I talking about PR major, all he can think about is high heels and long legs.

I showed my disappointing and decide to write something for my major and online marketing.

Online marketing is nothing but a marketing way, a more effective one than ad. We are potentially be a part of online marketing or groundswell in our daily online activities.

For example, how CSSA promote their activity, how they run public page and manage QQ chatting group, these online activities are all considered as groundswell strategies.

QQ group talking page

1. 网络营销阵地

Groundswell technologies


Internet is place gathering public opinions. It is well-known that in which place people share ideas and opinions. Here, I will simply introduce the groundswell technologies. Introduced by the authors of Groundswell, “Groundswell technologies” includes such as blogs, wikis, bookmarking and tagging sites, social networks, forums, ratings, reviews, RSS feeds, and widgets.

2. 用户分类

Social Technographic Profile

Charlene Li和Josh Bernoff 将网络用户的分类法则介绍给我们,通过甄别你的目标市场里不同的用户特性,以此来帮助任何组织选择正确的营销团体和方式。

用户分类包括Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives, 以及近年出现的conversationlists.

  • Creators致力于创造新的在线内容,他们经常性地使用博客,维护一个独立网站,或者上传音频视频。
  • Critics 对他人的在线内容进行回应,譬如回帖,使用评分系统,或者编辑维基词条。
  • Collectors 使用收藏夹和书签,在线订阅收集和整合信息,从侧面讲,是对Creators和Critics的肯定。
  • Joiners 使用社交网站维持一个基本的存在状态。
  • Spectators 是只读不写的在线受众,就是我们常说的潜水。潜水者是一个巨大的人群,在米国的在线受众中占据了将近二分之一的比重。
  • Inactives 不被网络营销所影响的人群
  • Conversationlists 在线进行信息交流的用户,譬如QQ群。


Kent CSSA renren page

Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff introduce an interesting data tool called the “Social Technographic Profile”. By showing how you can use this metric to understand what percentage of online audience in your market, it will be hopefully helpful for organization to choose the right group and right method to conduct groundswell.

The social technograohic profile includes Creators, Critics, Collectors, Joiners, Spectators, Inactives, and of course the newly added, conversationlists.

  • Creators dedicate on producing new online content, they post new articles on blog, maintain an independent website, or upload video and podcast.
  • Critics react to others online content, like post a comments, use the grading and reviewing system, or editing wiki.
  • Collectors use bookmarking and RSS feeder to collect and integrate information. To some point, they complete the works of creators and critics.
  • Joiners use social network website and maintain basic profiles.
  • Spectators, all they do is merely reading. They do not react or create to the online content. The specific number of percentage of spectators among US online audience is 48%, almost half audience remains a spectators statue.
  • Inactives, they are non-participating for online conversations.
  • Conversationlists, people share idea and information with online chatting. Like QQ group.

The real value for the organization to use this classification is to help you locating your audience’s characters in your target market, find out what they are using now, and therefore will help make decision on what kind of online promoting tools to conduct groundswell and public opinions monitoring. Besides, how to active inactives and spectators is another topic we could go deeper.

3. 确定网络营销的目标

Establish your objective of groundswell









Online marketing needs walk your talk, you need to establish your goal first to help you achieve it.

There are 5 goals mentioned by the book Groundswell.

  1. Listening: First you need to know where is your targeted audience group, what kind of tools and websites they are using, what’s they opinion. By integrating public opinion, understand what they need and focus for now, and find wealthy ideas that can help you improve your products and enhance your services.
  2. Talking: By using the groundswell technologies, we could have the chance to join the conversation. The direct communication with audience will have direct impact on organization’s image.
  3. Energizing: If you already build a loyal audience base, then find a way to enable and encourage your audience to express online. Comparing with ad, people tend to accept suggestions from friends. Word of mouth recommendations and advice from your audiences can go a lot further than anything you do on your own.
  4. Supporting: Adhesiveness is building audience group. People naturally have the tendency to gather together when they have something in common. What we need to do it to maintain and improve this group.
  5. Embracing: When one day, your audience is helping you with products, you are achieving the final goal of groundswell. It is not like you need reorganization from your audience, but what you did is to meet the demand from your audience. This is probably the hardest goal among total five. Find ways to use the groundswell to involve your customers in your decision-making processes, and implement their best ideas as quickly as you can.

One thing needs to pay attention is comparing to going forward one by one, the above five goals are more likely parallel. The achievement your online strategy accomplished for now does not necessarily mean your accomplishment to one or two goals.

More Information could be found on the author’s blog.